Yearbook Online Service 2018/2019

• television
• film • video
• on-demand audiovisual services
in 40 European countries and Morocco

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Place : Strasbourg
Date of publication : November 2018
Editor : European Audiovisual Observatory

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► 400 tables collecting more than 25000 data

40 country profiles in French, English and German

► Data from 2013 to 2017

divided in three sections:


This section is devoted to the analysis of the recent key trends of the audiovisual sector.

It will also include valuable insights on legal issues. The topics covered are:
• The impact of on-demand services on linear viewing
• The evolution of TV revenues
• Changes in the distribution of television
• The production and distribution of films


This section offers a huge variety of statistical indicators.

It is subdivided into seven main thematic areas:
• Markets
• Distribution of audiovisual services
• Television services
• On-demand services
• Players
• Film and cinema
• Video


This section follows a geographic approach and offers you a country6by-country view of the audiovisual sector in 40 countries.

The country profiles contain the following information:
• National television markets, developments of the film market
• Penetration rate for audiovisual equipment
• Breakdown of adspend
• Main national players
• Funding of the public audiovisuaL media sector

► More than 40 European countries covered

The Yearbook Online Service covers the 40 member countries of the European Audiovisual Observatory, from Turkey to Ireland, from Iceland to Malta and from Portugal to Russia.
Since 2015 Morocco is included as a non–European member state.

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