Yearbook 2016 - Key Trends

New edition for 2017: Yearbook 2016 -  Key Trends is THE analysis and intelligence section of the Yearbook Online Service and provides you with an overview of the recent key trends of the audiovisual sector.


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Pages : 69
Place : Strasbourg
Date of publication : March 2017
Editor : Gilles Fontaine, European Audiovisual Observatory

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This section is based on the Data Sets and shows the main developments that can be traced across Europe.

It also includes valuable insights of legal issues contributed by the Observatory’s Department for Legal Information on topics such as the AVMSD, cinema, copyright or freedom of expression.

The Key Trends are are part of Yearbook Online Service but they are available as a standalone publication and can be purchased independently from Yearbook .




Who will benefit from the upturn?


Soft money in Europe: Public funds grow, fiscal incentives boom

Investment, budgets and production back on track


Films in cinemas and on transactional VOD services: any diferences?

European films on VOD: A lack of visibility?

Films on TV: 31% are European

Export of European films in 2015

Football on TV: No ‘winner takes all’

Sports rights: New players enter the arena

Film heritage works: Is VOD an opportunity?


Media literacy as a panacea for a post-truth world?

A Digital Single Market… slightly watered down?

TV channels in Europe: Towards market concentration and hubs

European works in on-demand services: Make ‘em pay!

Revising the AVMSD: Towards the end of the world wild web?

On-demand services in Europe: the rise of international services


Television networks: 80% of TV households are digital

Distribution of OTT video on the rise


Focus on the Observatory Presidency country: Poland

Back to growth?

Advertising: Television still holds strong

Pay-TV: Growth slowing

On-demand revenues continue to increase, driven by SVOD services

Number of EU screens grows again

Cinema: Market share of European films dropped in 2015

Cinema: EU box oice hit record high in 2015

Home video: Blu-ray stable, DVD plummets


Audiovisual groups: Integrated US players lead the pack

Public broadcasters: Pressure on revenues

Audiovisual groups in Europe: More concentration

The significance of pan-European broadcasters

Distribution of audiovisual media services: Towards pan-European groups?

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