Yearbook 2011, Volume 3 - Film and home video

The volume 3 of the Yearbook 2011"Film, Television and Video in Europe", 17th edition, deals with following subjects: production, theatrical distribution and exhibition, digital cinema, admissions, DVD and Blu-ray Disc, Public Funding for Film and Audiovisual Works in Europe, film industry companies.

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Pages : 128
Place : Strasbourg
Authors : André Lange, European Audiovisual Observatory
Date of publication : June 2012

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Trilingual edition (English, French and German)

Chapter 10: Production

    Feature film production in Europe
    The international context
    Average cost of production of feature films

Chapter 11: Theatrical distribution and exhibition

    Screens and seats
    Origin of feature films
    Distributor market shares

Chapter 12: Digital cinema

    European digital cinema installations
    Digital cinema worldwide
    European digital cinema by resolution
    Top 75 exhibitors by digital screens

Chapter 13: Admissions

    Gross box office
    Market share by origin
    Film rankings

Chapter 14: DVD and Blu-ray Disc

    Titles released

Chapter 15: Public Funding for Film and Audiovisual Works – New !

    Income sources
    Funding body spend by activity
    Evolution in total funding body spend over 5 years

Chapter 16: Film industry companies

    Rankings by revenue
    Video publishing

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