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The Yearbook 2015 goes fully digital! The Yearbook Online Service provides a precise and comprehensive picture of the situation of the European audiovisual markets and industry in across the European States. It covers all main branches of the audiovisual sector: cinema, television, video and on-demand audiovisual services.

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The new online-Yearbook of the European Audiovisual Observatory

Your online service for data and analysis on television, cinema, VoD and home video in the European countries. We look at market shares, services offered, financing and the main players in each branch of these industries.

All you need to know about or brand new Yearbook Online Service, available in this new form from November 2015:

The Yearbook goes fully digital!
Thematic Coverage (Pan-European Data, Country Profiles and Key Trends)
Geographical Coverage (40 Countries and more)
Presentation of Tables and Graphs
Data Sources
Your Access to the Service


After 20 Editions: the new Yearbook goes fully digital!

  • Convenient online access for all users
  • A unique data retrieval system by topics, tags or countries
  • Access to PDF and Excel-files
  • All texts are available in three languages (English, French and German) to all users

The first edition of the Yearbook was published in March 1995 as the “Statistical Yearbook 1994/95”. Since then the Yearbook has tracked the wide-reaching changes and increasing complexity of the audiovisual sector since the mid-nineties. For its first edition we were able to deliver a comprehensive picture of the sector in 279 pages, for the 2013 edition it took more than 600. After 20 years of publication the Yearbook is today one of the best and most comprehensive data sources on television, the film industry, video and the increasingly numerous on-demand audiovisual services in Europe. It is based on the solid know-how and analytical skills of the Observatory’s department for Information on Markets and Financing, the Observatory’s networks and databases and a huge variety of excellent data and information sources.

As its name still indicates  – the first 6 editions were available in book form only. In 2001 a basic service offering access to Excel files was added to the offer and since the 2009 edition a PDF version has also been available.

Since November 2015 this new Yearbook platform offers even more content in a much more accessible form!

Thematic Coverage (Pan-European Data, Country Profiles and
Key Trends)

The Yearbook Online Service offers three different complementary sections:

  • Pan-European data sets,
  • Country profiles and
  • Key trends

The Data Sets of the Yearbook Online Service offer a huge variety of statistical indicators which you may already know from previous editions of the classic Yearbook. The section brings together more than 400 tables and graphs. Most of these data sets cover 5 consecutive years to allow you to track the main trends. Many of the statistics contain a breakdown by country for a given indicator or market – you can clearly see which countries are trend setters or followers.


The data sets of the Yearbook are subdivided into 7 main thematic sections (this content list may slightly be modified according to data availability):

The audiovisual markets in the EU / Pay-TV subscribers and revenues / Advertising revenues / Advertising expensiture by media

The distribution of audiovisual services
Digital platforms / Digital terrestrial television / Satellite television / Cable television / IPTV / Smart TV

Television services

Broadcasting revenues / Audience / Television viewing / Audience shares / Origin of TV channels / Availability of TV channels

On demand audiovisual services
Services / Revenues

Global and European Players / Public Service Broadcasting / Private Groups / Thematic and local TV / Distribution /Production

Film and Cinema

Film Production / Investments / Budgets / Sites / Screens / Digital Screens / Admissions / Box Office / Ticket price / Top 50 films / Admissions to European Films / Market shares of admissions

Equipment / Turnover / Transactions / Prices

Access the list of files, tables and graphs available in the Data Set section of the Yearbook Online Service by taking a free tour on the Yearbook-platform – just note that you need a subscription to access the data and files themselves!



This section of the Yearbook Online Service follows a geographic approach and offers you a country-by-country view of the audiovisual sector in 40 countries. The country profiles provide analysis of each country (when data are available)*:

• an introductory text describing the principal characteristics of the national television markets and their recent developments, as well as, in the case of the larger countries, the development of the cinema market;

• data on the household penetration rate for audiovisual equipment and how audiovisual services are received, as well as data on individual devices (smartphones, tablets and advanced games consoles);

• the breakdown of adspend between the different types of media;

• the main national players (main distributors of audiovisual services, principal broadcasters by consolidated audience market share);

• consolidated data on the funding of the public audiovisual media sector;

• the number of audiovisual services (television services, on-demand audiovisual services, number of services offered by the main distribution platforms);

market trends (changes in reception, equipment penetration, growth of consumers’ pay-TV expenditure, number of households accessing main multichannel platforms, broadcasting companies’ gross revenues);

television audience market shares;

• the viewing of online video services on fixed-line internet ;

• the supply and consumption of catch-up TV and video-on-demand services ;

• the cinema market (exhibition infrastructure, number of films produced, entries and box office receipts, market share according to film origin and by distributor);

• the domestic video market (equipment penetration, figures for retail sales and DVD and Blu-ray disc rentals, number of transactions, retail prices).


*This content list may slightly be modified according to data availability.

This section is new to the 2015 edition and therefore not available for the Yearbook Online Service 2014.



The Key Trends section is THE analysis and intelligence section of the Yearbook Online Service and provides you with an overview of the recent key trends of the audiovisual sector. The section is based on the Data Sets and shows the main developments that can be traced across Europe. It will also include valuable insights on legal issues contributed by the Observatory’s department for Legal Information on topics such as the AVMSD, cinema, copyright or freedom of expression.

The Key Trends section of the Yearbook Online Service 2015 contains the following chapters:

Key Trends - An overall analysis across the different branches of the audiovisual sector


Audiovisual Services
Revision of the AVMS Directive
Live TV challenged
Growth in TV channels driven by selected genre
Focus on news
Freedom of Speech
Disruption in the marketing of AV services
Growth in the number of VOD services in Europe

TV: A slow crisis
TV: Threats on advertising
TV: Pressure on pay-TV
On-demand: SVOD and EST driving growth
Cinema: Fewer screens, more digitization
Cinema: US dominate admissions
Cinema: Prices driving growth in revenues rather than admissions
Video: On-demand does not compensate for losses

Digital TV becoming universal
Competition between television networks
OTT on the rise

US groups, studios and cablecos the most powerfull media companies
EU Broadcasters are struggling
Challenges for the PSBs
The concentration of Production


This Key Trends section of the Yearbook Online Service is available as a standalone publication and can be purchased independently from the online service. This publication is available in electronic form (PDF) and as a printed booklet, it can be ordered through the Observatory shop.

This section is new to the 2015 edition and not available for the Yearbook Online Service 2014.

Geographical Coverage (40 Countries and more)

The Yearbook Online Service covers the 40 member countries of the European Audiovisual Observatory. Our European coverage ranges from Turkey to Ireland, from Iceland to Malta and from Portugal to Russia. From 2015 onwards we include Morocco as a non–European member-state.

The list of countries covered by the Yearbook Online Service:

Albania - Armenia - Austria - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Belgium - Bulgaria - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malta - Montenegro - Morocco - Netherlands - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russia - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” - Turkey - United Kingdom

In order to evaluate the situation in Europe on a global scale we often indicate in addition to the European figures those of two of the most important non-European markets, the USA and Japan.

Presentation of Tables and Graphs

You can access the data in the form of Excel sheets, allowing you to export and save the files and start working with them right away! Many of the indicators provide country-by-country details.

The countries are always abbreviated with their ISO codes, from AM (Armenia), AT (Austria) to TR (Turkey) and US (United States of America). The list of ISO-codes is here.

Data Sources

Hundreds of individual information sources contribute to the Yearbook Online Service. Among the most significant are Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing, EFARN (European Film Agency Research Network), Eurodata-TV Worldwide, Creative Europe, IHS, International Video Federation (IVF), MEDIA Salles, ROVI, UER-SIS, and the Observatory's own MAVISE and LUMIERE databases.

Your Access to the Service

The Yearbook Online Service is available by subscription only.

We offer two types of subscriptions to the Yearbook Online Service, depending on the number of people using the service:

Single user access to the Yearbook Online Service 2015 and 2014:  345 €

To order a Multi user/corporate access, please click here.

Subscription to the Yearbook Online Service gives access to all 3 main sections: data sets, country profiles and key trends.

As soon as your order and payment are received, you simply

  • Create your account on this Yearbook Online Service platform via the log-in option. Please note that
    • You need to create your account even if you have already created an account on our shop and Internet platform – the two systems are technically independent
    • Your Email address is your unique account identification. You need to use the same Email-address you have used to create your account on our website and shop while ordering to open your account for the Yearbook Online Service
    • Whatever your choice (single or Multi user access) the access to the service is always assured via an account-identification and a password. Access by IP-recognition is not possible.
  • Log-in to the Yearbook Online Service platform and you have full access to all sections
  • Please note that the access is only active after your payment has been received – you may consider paying by credit card in order to benefit from instant access.

We do not offer partial access to the Yearbook Online Service – the subscription grants access to all sections.

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