IRIS Special - Journalism and media privilege

Pages : 106
Place : Strasbourg
Date of publication : December 2017
Editor : European Audiovisual Observatory

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The report provides an overview of the most recent rules, case law and policies across Europe with regard to the privileges that are given to journalists when exercising their activities.

Content list

1. Basis and general framework for journalism and media privilege

1.1.      Introductory remarks: understanding the concept of media privilege

1.2.      The historical development of norms of journalism

1.3.      The development of norms of journalism at the international level

1.3.1.    The fundamental-rights dimension

1.3.2.    The journalistic-guidelines dimension

2. Media privilege

2.1.      Legal foundations

2.1.1.    European legal bases

2.1.2.    Domestic legal bases

2.2.      Political significance

2.3.      Economic importance

2.4.      The tension involving the rights of third parties

3. Comparison between developments in selected European countries

3.1.      Scope of comparison

3.2.      DE – Germany

3.2.1.    Introduction – with particular reference to constitutional law aspects

3.2.2.    Dimensions of media privilege

3.2.3.    Privileged treatment of journalists in civil proceedings

3.2.4.    Criminal law view of the role of the media

3.2.5.    Recent developments and trends

3.3.      ES – Spain

3.3.1.    Introduction

3.3.2.    Legal foundations of “media privilege” in Spain: freedoms of expression and information, privacy, and informational self-determination

3.3.3.    Recent and emergent issues

3.4.      FR – France

3.4.1.    Introduction

3.4.2.    Dimensions of media privilege

3.4.3.    Recent and emerging issues

3.5.      GB – United Kingdom

3.5.1.    Introduction

3.5.2.    Public Law

3.5.3.    Civil Law

3.5.4.    Criminal Law

3.5.5.    Recent and emergent issues

3.6.      HU – Hungary

3.6.1.    Introduction

3.6.2.    Dimensions of media privilege

3.6.3.    Recent and emergent issues

3.7.      IT – Italy

3.7.1.    Introduction

3.7.2.    Media privilege in Italian law

3.7.3.    Dimensions of media privilege

3.7.4.    Recent and emergent issues

3.7.5.    Conclusion

3.8.      PL – Poland

3.8.1.    Dimensions of media privilege

3.8.2.    Recent and emergent issues

3.9.      RU – Russia

3.9.1.    Introduction

3.9.2.    Dimensions of media privilege

3.9.3.    Recent and emergent issues

3.10.    TR – Turkey

3.10.1.  The extent of media privilege

3.10.2.  Recent and emergent issues

4. Trends and outlook

4.1.      Trends revealed by the comparison of countries

4.2.      Prospects for future challenges to media privilege

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