IRIS Plus - Audiovisual sports rights – between exclusivity and right to information

Sports rights on TV and VoD – exclusivity vs. the right to information

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Pages : 99
Place : Strasbourg
Date of publication : October 2016
Editor : European Audiovisual Observatory

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Vast sums exchange hands for  sports rights in Europe (1000 m£ spent on UK football Premier League rights between 2013 and 2016). A Sky Premier League bundle currently costs £570 per year – clearly not within everyone’s reach. So who’s making sure that we can all keep abrest of major sports events whatever our financial means? This report looks at the role of EU media law in ensuring that we don’t have to fight for the right to football!

Audiovisual sports rights – between exclusivity and right to information – Read this new report and find out who’s fighting for your right to football!

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