IRIS Plus - VOD, platforms and OTT: which promotion obligations for European works?

Boosting European films on VoD – what’s EU law got to do with it?

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Pages : 78
Place : Strasbourg
Date of publication : December 2016
Editor : European Audiovisual Observatory

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European films now get a longer lifespan thanks to their release via on-demand platforms, whatever their business model (subscription based, pay per view or advertising financed). Clearly this booming generation of new distribution channels represents a powerful means of boosting a film’s overall career. So it’s logical that European film makers are looking to on-demand services to give European movies a much needed shot in the arm. But what’s law got to do with it? Can European legislation force VOD services to offer a glitzy shop window to European films? The European Audiovisual Observatory focuses on this very question in a brand new IRIS Plus issue.

A must-read to follow how EU law obliges on-demand services to boost European films

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